Leila Khan
Thursday, April 25, 2024

For many, mental health is a daily struggle that affects millions of people yet it is a subject shrouded in stigma and shame. Mental health remains a taboo subject for the simple reason that it is often misunderstood and believed that it is not as serious as physical health.  Mental health problems can manifest in ways that are not apparent to others. The reluctance to address mental health issues perpetuates suffering and also hinders individuals from seeking the help they desperately need.
Untreated mental health issues can lead to a range of problems, including impaired functioning in daily life, strained relationships, and even increased risk of physical health problems.  What makes this situation extremely difficult is that on the surface, things seem to look relatively normal.  It’s almost impossible to tell what a person is going through. They may be experiencing feelings of hopelessness and despair all whilst suffering in silence. Approximately 50 percent of those who suffer from mental illness, do not seek treatment.  When left untreated, daily functioning to simply live, may become impossible.
There may be a multitude of factors working together, ranging from family history, to the environment, traumatic life experiences, personality and physical health problems. 

What can we do as contributing members of society to help this cause is to raise awareness and to make a change. Education and awareness are key components in addressing mental health issues. By destigmatizing mental health and promoting understanding, we can create a more supportive environment for those in need.
Millions of Canadians are struggling and don’t know where to turn. Only some, will get the care they need. The more light we can shed on the subject of mental health, the more barriers we can remove from understanding it and offer help and support for anyone suffering.
With The Leila Khan Team, we are not only committed to providing exceptional customer service, we are also committed to giving back to those who need help. Your referrals help Canadian Mental Health Association continue their vital work in our community. If you know someone who is considering buying or selling a home, please refer them to our real estate sales team. Rest assured that a portion of our income will go to a very important worthy cause in supporting the advocacy campaign of Canadian Mental Health Association to stand up, be counted, and use our voices to press our leaders for universal mental health care. Care that serves and supports every single one of us. Care that enables us all to thrive! Take action!
Mental health is a vital aspect of overall well-being that deserves our attention and care. By breaking the silence and addressing mental health openly and compassionately, we can create a healthier, more supportive society for all.

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